Dr Usal


Dr. Usal is affiliated with
Bella Tu MedSpa where he treats
patients for laser and non-invasive
facial and skin rejuvenation.
He provides Botox and filler injections with Juvéderm, Perlane, Restylane,
and Radiesse.

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Istanbul, Turkey
Dr. Usal and Dr. Teoman Dal perform plastic surgery together in Turkey.


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I just wanted to send a note regarding my visit today with my daughter Megan who came for a follow up stitch removal from an earlier er visit. I would like to tell you how wonderful your staff was today. Your employees were so professional. What I was most impressed with was, as busy as they were, they were more than pleasant. I did not see one person without a GENUINE smile.

Thank you! 

Now I know why you were selected as one of the Top 100 Plastic Surgeons.

Thank you! 

If you ever hear anyone say they don't believe in miracles, proudly tell them you performed one on my wife.

Thank you! 


Now I can walk on the beach feeling confident.

Thank you! 


Every doctor that has seen me since the surgery has been awestruck by how well my face has healed, I am in your debt for having helped me when I needed you most.

Thank you! 


For me your patience and most importantly, your personal attention will not be forgotten.

Thank you!


Without a doubt, I definitely made the right choice, when I chose you to be my plastic surgeon.

Thank you! 

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